Le Vieux Château Restaurant

Our History

Many Hawkesbury residents can still remember family meals at Le Vieux Château with their parents and grandparents decades ago. Even today, they're still enjoying family meals. Only now, it's with their own children and grandchildren. So, what's the secret that has kept people coming back - literally - for generations? It could be the ambiance. With three rooms, Le Vieux Château is equipped to host any type of gathering and dining experience.

The Main Room, a familiar and welcoming sight for the regulars who come in for breakfast every morning is filled with diner-style booths and plenty of windows to brighten up your day. The Dining Room, with its white tablecloths and all-access views of our full-service bar is the perfect place to enjoy a sumptuous dinner for business or pleasure. The Banquet Hall is available, through reservation, for private party rental with special table d'hôte or à la carte menus.

Or it could be our dedicated service staff - several of whom have been working with us for decades - who make diners feel like part of the family. It could, of course, be the food. Our elaborate menu features steaks, seafood, pizza and so much more. Come in and join us for a meal and let us know why you believe people keep coming.

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Call For Reservations

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday
8:00 - 9:30
Friday to Saturday
8:00 - 10:00
Room is available for private party rental
with special table d'hôte or a la carte menus.
For reservations please call 613.632.9877